Is This Common Mistake Blocking You from Success & Happiness?

Photo Credit: Robin Flak 2019

There’s one thing we visionaries do time and time again — one thing that totally and completely screws us up.

We need to stop mistaking the container for the essence.

The thing about the word ‘purpose’ is it means “why.” It doesn’t mean “what.”

And every visionary I know has had a hard time being held. We’re always told that we’re “too much” and “not enough” for the containers in our lives.

We just need to know our essence. And then find the spaces, jobs, relationships, friendships, and life that can hold that.

Every single person deserves to know their essence, what we in our work call ‘Brand Energies.’ Because it’s a distillation of every skill, ability, gift, yearning, desire, trauma, sensitivity, and experience.

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